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What is the purpose of Simplify?

Simplify is spearheading a marketing evolution for online entrepreneurs, integrating robust strategic planning, stunning design, and ethical business practices into a singular sales and marketing system. This system not only fosters company growth but also ensures your values are never compromised. What's more, we provide complimentary cyber-protection to safeguard against ransomware, cyber-attacks, and intellectual property theft.

What types of support does Simplify provide?

Simplify boasts round-the-clock Customer Support and LIVE Chat feature for immediate help.

We host a comprehensive knowledge base, comprising 30 categories enriched with useful videos and detailed, step-by-step guides.

Reach out to us via our internal Support Chat for assistance on specific subjects, or for real-time support, use our Chat function anytime!

Stay informed about the latest additions to our features through our News section.

Keep up with our updates and new features and get exclusive access to our Beta releases. Never miss out on the latest advancements with Simplify!

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Which payment gateways does Simplify support?

Simplify supports integration with NMI, Authorize.net, Stripe, and PayPal.

Authorize.net—NMI serves as a universal gateway that charges comparatively lower transaction fees, allowing you to retain full ownership over your clients. Their minimum fee per transaction is 1.9%. Switching could lead to substantial annual savings for many clients.

While both Stripe and PayPal are excellent options, they carry higher fees and view your clients as their own.

Can I use Simplify Funnels if I already have a website?

Absolutely. Simplify provides you with your own hosting environment for websites, funnels, and courses, and allows you to construct unlimited funnels for all your offerings.

Moreover, if you already have a website, you can effortlessly incorporate forms, web-chat, calendars, and funnels directly into your existing site.

Is it possible to host my clients' websites and funnels using my Simplify account?

Absolutely, with your Simplify account, you have the capability to host an unlimited number of websites and funnels.

Additionally, you can associate an infinite number of custom domains with these websites and funnels.

We recommend implementing 'tags' as a strategy to segment your audiences, enhancing the optimization of your workflows and pipelines.

For those operating in an agency context, we provide a variety of solutions, including one that incorporates administrative access to your client's accounts, enabling seamless navigation through various accounts.

Why should I switch to Simplify Systems if my current system is working fine?

There are many compelling reasons to transition your business to Simplify Systems. Simplify Systems offers an array of exclusive benefits and features that sets it apart from other platforms. Moreover, its ability to scale in line with your business growth makes your business future-proof.

¤ Simplify Systems allows an efficient transition of your existing data from your current platform.

¤ You can effortlessly import ClickFunnels with just a click, directly into our Funnel Builder.

¤ The platform's extensive customization capabilities can be tailored to perfectly suit your unique business requirements.

¤ In addition, Simplify Systems provides exceptional client support to address any questions or concerns you may have.

¤ However, if your current system fulfills your business needs but falls short in integrating crucial new tools, turning to Simplify Systems may become paramount. Your specific business objectives, needs, and tool integration capabilities will always guide your decision-making. Yet, in some cases, Simplify Systems might be the indispensable solution for your business.

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