The Simplify Advantage - What Sets Us Apart

Your All-In-One Marketing Powerhouse: Get the best features of Kajabi®, Calendly®, and Salesforce®, plus exclusive access to 7 Disruptive Marketing Tools only with Simplify™.

Enjoy unmatched value.

UNIQUE FEATURE #1 - Comprehensive Channel Integration (see more...)

Embrace omnipresence. Engage with prospects across a wide array of channels and constantly stay in their purview.

Leveraging connect calls, voicemail drops, SMS/MMS, emails, and social media messengers, we empower you to amass an expansive pool of data metrics for immediate application before it becomes outdated.

Intuitively understand and connect with your customers, making marketing simpler, leading to swifter and more abundant sales.

Gone are the days of scattered systems straining time, resources, and staff. Consider the hassle of managing courses and memberships in Kajabi, workflows and campaigns in HubSpot, emails in MailChimp, and social media in Hootsuite. All that transitioning between applications invites error.

Now picture this - everything in one place: a comprehensive...

UNIQUE FEATURE #2 - Personalized Outbound Calling (see more...)

Simplify stands alone as a platform offering unique phone numbers that can be assigned to each member of your sales/marketing teams, without any added costs - truly unlimited.

This enables extensive tracking and recording of calls, data collection per salesperson, and real-time analysis of customer interactions. It's an insightful tool for refining your sales process swiftly and efficiently, translating to accelerated profits.

What sets it apart? It's the only fully integrated platform. This means reduced dropped calls and pesky spam calls - common issues in other platforms that can cause annoyances and additional expenses.

UNIQUE FEATURE #3 - Fault-Free IVR & 2-Way SMS Texting (discover more...)

Having your own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can help your business improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Customize a variety of your services such as: answering FAQ's, scheduling appointments and routing calls to the appropriate department or agent. IVR systems can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Our platform allows you to send and reply with the added convenience of remaining in the same customizable interface, eliminating the RISK associated with dependence on a third-party app.

Incorporated into our SMS and Outbound Calling VoIP System is the Shaken/Stir protocol suite, a robust strategy we employ to counteract caller ID spoofing.

UNIQUE FEATURE #4 - Streamlined Automated Google Review Invitations (see more...)

Initiate prompt follow-ups with our automated system, inviting customers to share feedback on their experience with your brand.

The Automated Google Review System from Simplify not only facilitates the collection, monitoring, and management of customer reviews effortlessly, but it also paves the path for acquiring new customers and drives sustainable growth through powerful testimonials.

UNIQUE FEATURE #5 - Personalized Team Calendar (see more...)

Enjoy seamless scheduling and tracking with our unlimited calendars feature. As the business owner, gain instant visibility into everyone's schedule for effortless coordination.

The Customized Team Calendar allows you to:

→ Enhance customer support by auto-forwarding calls to available team members for immediate resolution

→ Schedule meetings effortlessly with a simple click

→ Instantly prepare for upcoming events and collaborations.

UNIQUE FEATURE # 6 - Cutting-Edge Cyber Security (discover more...)

Unveil the future of protection with our most innovative and secure platform available in the market today. We've made a significant financial commitment towards the creation of custom automated systems (Cyber Secure Online LLC). These systems work continuously to run security patches, so you’re never left without the best defense.

Included are intuitive sniffers to assist in detecting vulnerabilities, as well as triggers to identify potential software and hardware problems.

Moreover, Simplify is equipped with advanced anti-virus protections and secures your data in non-executable format, actively counteracting ransomware attacks. With the help of Cloud Armor, your business remains safeguarded against an array of threats, which span from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults to application attacks like cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection (SQLi).

UNIQUE FEATURE #7 - Simplify Affiliate Marketing Membership unlocks the potential of affiliate marketing and delivers dividends to members. (learn more...)

Fuel your entrepreneurial spirit and boost your income with our customized Affiliate Marketing Solutions, uniquely tailored to resonate with your market niche.

This not only provides a means to monetize your blogs, products, and services, but also offers:

→ A steady stream of extra income

→ Passport to passive income for your partners and influencers

→ Access to a broader customer base beyond your reach

Enjoy advantages like minimal risk, affordable pricing, flexibility, fast setup, and high return on investment.

We offer personalized service packages that take your unique business needs

into account, ensuring you get the best results

Plus... Simplify stands out as the most unique system in the market that provides the following features:

We stand as the only all-in-one system that bill based on the number of users instead of the number of contacts. This unique billing approach sets us apart from our competitors, providing cost savings and offering limitless growth with no constraints.

We proudly present the a comprehensive system equipped to offer tranquility by safeguarding against ransomware, cyberattacks, and intellectual property theft.

We are the sole comprehensive system that furnishes an infinite number of contacts, contrasting with our competitors who charge based on contact quantity. This distinctive feature not only results in cost reduction, but also eliminates any limits to your growth arising out of extra costs.

We are the exclusive all-in-one system that empowers you with your very own Affiliate Program, granting you a considerable edge over your competition.

We are the only integrated system where concerns about interrupted integrations or defective functionalities due to third-party software issues are a thing of the past.

We are the only comprehensive system that ensures you a peace of mind with a stable subscription pricing, despite the exponential growth of your company.


Break Up With What You

No Longer Need To Pay For...

Our tailored approach begins with a thorough assessment of your business, followed by a strategic plan that you can easily follow to meet your unique business goals.

Plus, don't get caught paying for extras.

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Webpages

  • Unlimited Funnels

  • Unlimited Forms

  • Unlimited Surveys

  • Unlimited Courses

  • Unlimited Unique Local Phone Numbers For Each Member Of Your Sales/Marketing Team

Expedite and Economize - Scale Swiftly and Seamlessly

Discover how our proven methodologies can help elevate your business, streamline operations, and enhance profitability.

Get ready to transform your business dramatically. Start with us today and see the difference a streamlined system can make.

Created by: Dianne Beattie | Owned by: Cyber Secure LLC