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“Seven Dangers That Could Hurt Your Conversion

May 02, 20232 min read

My goal is to test every step of my new SuperFunnel in just 60 (biz) days. That’s right. I’ve just joined a small team of peers/friends who are inspiring me and holding me accountable.

Since I created the most advanced and most secure All-In-One Sales & Marketing platform available, I need to make sure that I get the right message, to the right people, in the right way, and at the right time. [Big challenge]. What makes it easier and more effective is the MECLABS optimization methodology with the latest in AI TECHNOLOGY.

The most helpful advice I received in my Cohort this week is: The goal of the Call to Action (CTA) is to initiate and complete the exchange of value. However, you have to be careful of the seven dangers that could hurt your conversion:


1.     Do not start with a word that implies work

2.     Be aware of allowing the word free to signal the meaning cheap

3.     Eschew negative word combinations

4.     Strip away all vague phrases

5.     Use your modifiers to calibrate value

6.     Have you emphasize the customers gain first

7.     Have you justified difficult ask with powerful customer centric reasons.


REMEMBER - you’re exchanging:

·       their attention for your explanation,

·       their contact info for your download,

·       their credit card for your free trial,

·       their money for your services.


I realize now the mistakes that I’ve made. I will make sure that I avoid each and every one of these from here on in.


Until next time…. Drop me a comment if you have any questions

If you want to join the next group … there is a waiting list – no surprise. - Just email Put the word “Application” in the subject line and just tell him that Dianne sent you – it will help you get in faster

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Dianne Beattie

Dianne Beattie

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"After using Simplify's automation, I continue to pick up 30-100 new emails off of just one of my funnels."

"Before implementing this Simplify system, I was not getting any traction from my website. After starting to use Simplify's automation, I picked up 30-100 new emails off of just one of my funnels. (I have more than 10 automated funnels and it's all included at the same price!)

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"Simplify is an amazing fulfillment of Dianne's proven track record as a technology visionary and business strategist."

" Dianne has a proven track record as a technology visionary and business strategist. Her proven track record of leading successful strategic technology projects, prioritization of initiatives and the deployment of state-of-the-art technology while ensuring they are linked to solid business goals and requirements."

Scott Losawyer- VP, Bank of America

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Jim Payne- Chief Information and Operations Officer, Associated Bank

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Mike Saylor, CEO - Blackswan Cybersecurity | Professor - Cybersecurity & DFIR

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Christina McCracken, J.D., Partner: Bennet, Oliphant & McCracken, PLLC.

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